In addition to metal injection molding, Eversun provides also plastic injection molding services to a wide variety of industries including automotive, electronics, medical, and consumer products.

Services provided include design, manufacturing, assembly, testing, after-sale follow up, and even the injected plastic products. For any kind of plastic injection projects, you can be confident that Eversun has the experience to provide you a high quality, low cost solution.

Design and Construction of Tooling

Eversun's Design Tips are intended to assist you in obtaining the highest quality product at the most economical price.

Eversun can provide your company with precision tooling to ensure maximum part-to-part repeatability, reduced time-to-market, and competitive pricing. We are capable of molding products in almost any type of engineering grade resin that require close-tolerance specifications and superior aesthetics. Their high-volume molds are capable of operating in excess of one million cycles due to superior tool materials, construction, and strict maintenance schedules.

We are able to receive and submit drawings in most data formats whilst often also able to work from a sketch or a component itself.


Assembly and Finishing

Eversun can handle all mechanical and electrical assembly and sub-assembly requirements. In addition, we offer finishing services including general machining, insert molding, laser etching, polishing, heat treatment, packaging, and product testing with emphasis on quality, efficiency, and value for the client.

Eversun is your one stop shop for the precision plastic products you need and the service you deserve at a competitive price. Their partnership with clients goes beyond product development, cost reduction, and outsourcing, we help you bring your products to market on time and within budget.

Complex Configurations

Eversun manufactures products of almost any design configuration. We work with each client – from concept and design to polymer selections and production.